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Shareit allows you to transfer files from different devices such as phones, tablets, and laptop. Use direct connections and Wi-Fi, Shareit to send files, photos, videos, and software from one device to another. When it works, it’s amazing, but when it does, there is little reason to try again.

Send photos, videos, and software (function () {(‘ review-app-page-desktop ‘);});

The primary feature of the Shareit is the transfer of files between people without using cloud storage. You can share photos, videos, music files, documents and applications from one device to another. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using because Shareit only communicates with other devices enabled by Shareit.

No data transfer connection manager Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Instead, it creates a wireless connection directly to the devices on five as small network. After you connect another device, files can be sent and received. You can also clone device and Send the content to another device.

The best part is that Shareit is multiplatform, including Windows PC.

It does not always work

This also causes problems because Shareit multiplatform Troubleshoot connection problems on different devices. Because Shareit does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network connection, creates a link directly to another device. This means that the device creates a hotspot which is connected to other equipment.

The program also will not explain that you will need to adjust your settings for Wi-Fi. In the settings menu there is an option “prefer Hotspot” when sending or receiving, but the program does not mention that the material will create areas of shared data. Shareit is also buggy. My first attempts to move the file that caused the application to freeze. All devices will be set up before the Shareit work.

In the work of Shareit, is fast. The picture is transmitted rapidly. The video is for the speed of transmission varies with the transmission sometimes seems frozen. After the file transfer is complete, the program Disables the wireless connection and relationship to the world. This means that if you want to share other files, you have to go through the steps to get started with Hotspot links again.

The main problem of the Shareit is that he claims to be easy to use, but is actually a type of grudge for the average user.

It needs more Polish

Shareit has the potential to be useful, but a lack of direction and frustratingly information use. There is also a lack of Polish and intuitive. Close the connection, Hotspot but after coming through these steps in order to Start another Transfer is annoying.

There are a lot of simple options to transfer photos and files. Shareit is good for video, but it depends on how big the file is.

Shareit’s promise for ease of use but not has reached that goal yet. If you want to move the file, try shooting.


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